20+ Best Brand Kit Examples & Templates in 2022

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A brand kit is one of the most important elements of creating a successful brand identity. It plays a key role in how you create a consistent brand look across all your business and marketing efforts.

Every business and brand should have a brand kit, no matter how big or small. It will help you save a lot of time, money, and headaches when promoting your business.

Let’s figure out what a brand kit really is and how to create one. We also have a few great examples and templates for you as well.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Brand Kit?

A brand kit is like the portfolio for a brand. It’s how you showcase your brand’s visual identity as well as educate the design and proper usage of your brand assets.

For example, when you’re hiring an agency to launch an advertising campaign, you can hand over your brand kit to show them how to properly use your logo or pick the right colors for the marketing materials.

Today, brand kits are used for many different purposes. Big brands use them to provide guidelines for creators and developers. Small businesses use them to promote their brand online. You can also use them alongside press kits and media kits as well.

Great Brand Kit Examples

To help you get a better idea of what a great brand kit looks like, we found a few real-life brand kit examples from established businesses. Have a look.


Spotify’s brand guidelines kit is mainly about providing instructions on how to properly use its branding and logo in marketing materials.


Netflix brand kit offers tips and instructions on how to use its wordmark. It also includes its brand color palette, readability, and guidelines.


Twitter has an extended brand kit that details guidelines on proper logo usage as well as tips on designing hashtags, icons, and much more.

Apple App Store

Apple has multiple brand kits for different products of the brand. This brand kit is aimed at app developers for showing how to use Apple App Store branding when marketing apps and promotional campaigns.


Shopify has a very short brand kit showing how to properly use its brand logo and icons in your marketing materials.

How to Create a Brand Kit

Creating a brand kit is an intricate process because you need to create it in a way that compliments your brand’s visual identity as well as in a well-organized way.

Here are the main components you should include in a brand kit:

  • Logo design
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Icons and illustrations
  • Design guidelines

The best way to create a professional brand kit is to use a pre-made template. Check out the brand kit templates below to find one that fits your brand.

This is a beautiful branding kit template you can use to design a high-quality and visual brand kit for a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle business. It features 25 unique page layouts for showcasing every aspect of your brand identity. The template comes in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign formats.

Bloggers, influencers, and content creators should also have a brand or media kit to promote themselves online. This template is perfect for all kinds of content creators for putting together a simple yet effective brand kit. It has 15 pages in A4 size. You can easily edit and customize it using MS Word or InDesign.

A multipurpose brand guidelines template for designing minimal and clean brand kits for various types of businesses. This template includes 24 custom page layouts for including details and guidelines about your brand assets. It’s available in both InDesign and MS Word file formats.

This brand kit template is perfect for fashion and lifestyle businesses. It has highly visual page designs where you can showcase your brand designs and media in a beautiful way. The template includes 25 print-ready page layouts. And it comes in A4 InDesign file format.

Another brand kit template pack for bloggers and influencers. This brand kit features a colorful and attractive design that allows you to present your branding assets and style guide in a stylish way. The template includes 15 page layouts that can be easily customized to your preference using Adobe InDesign.

Baps is a modern and creative visual identity guidelines template for making a simple brand kit. It includes 17 page layouts for making a fully featured brand kit for startups and agencies. The template is free to download and it’s available in Figma format.

One of the best brand kit templates on our list and it’s completely free to download and use. This brand kit template is also great for making brand guidelines brochures. It includes more than 40 pages with 10 sections. You can customize it with Adobe XD, InDesign, and Illustrator.

You can create a complete brand guidelines brochure for your business using this InDesign template. It features a clean and professional design for highlighting your brand identity and guidelines. There are 20 unique pages in the template. And you can easily customize each page to change colors, fonts, and images.

This brand guidelines template is also suitable for designing brand kits for showcasing brand visual identities. The template includes 20 print-ready page layouts with simple designs. It’s ideal for making brand kits for corporate companies and agencies. The template comes in fully customizable InDesign and MS Word formats.

If you’re looking for a landscape-style brochure design to create a brand kit for an agency or studio, this brand kit template is made just for you. It features a stylish landscape layout with 16 unique page designs to choose from. There’s space for showing off your brand’s visual identity and guidelines at the same time. It includes 3 cover page designs and comes in InDesign file format.

This beautiful brand kit template is made with Instagram businesses and influencers in mind. It features a vintage-themed design across its 9 unique page layouts. You also get 2 cover page designs. And it has special pages for showing off your Instagram stats as well. The template is available in InDesign format.

Latvia is a brand guidelines kit for creating a complete branding kit for modern businesses. It has colorful and creative page layouts for showcasing everything from your logo design to color palette, guidelines, and more. There are 40 different page designs included in this template. You can easily customize them to your preference using Adobe InDesign. The template also has media kit and brand strategy versions as well.

Clara is a stylish brand kit template you can use to create a modern brand guidelines document for fashion and lifestyle brands. It includes 6 page layouts in the free version with a landscape design. You can edit the template using Adobe XD, InDesign, or Illustrator.

With this free template, you can create a complete brand kit for your design agency, studio, or startup without breaking the bank. The template features creatively designed page layouts. And it comes in Adobe Illustrator file format.

A clean and simple brand kit template with multipurpose page designs. This template has a flexible design that will fit in nicely with many different types of brands and businesses. You can use it to make brand kits for SaaS startups, eCommerce businesses, corporate companies, and more. It includes 20 page layouts and comes in InDesign format.

This brand kit template also has a clean and minimal design. It has 32 different pages for showcasing your logo, visual identity, and brand guidelines in one document. The template uses a landscape layout and you can use it to create both print and digital PDF brand kits. It’s available in InDesign formats.

If you’re making a brand kit for a design agency or a creative brand, this brand kit template will come in handy. It features 15 very colorful and creative page layouts full of shapes and visuals. You can easily customize it with InDesign.

This is a simple and free brand kit template you can use to put together a basic visual identity document for your brand. It includes 8 page layouts with easily editable designs. The template is free to use with personal projects.

For more branding templates, you can explore our brand identity templates and brand style guide templates collections.

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