20+ Baseball Fonts (Script & Cursive Jersey + Logo Fonts) 2022

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Want to hit a home run with your next sports-themed design? Then be sure to try some of these baseball fonts.

Baseball fans are some of the most dedicated followers of the sport. That’s why they always want to show off their loyalty to their favorite teams no matter where they go. It’s part of the reason why baseball merchandise always sells out like hot cake. If you’re working on such a design, this fonts collection will come in handy.

In this collection, we are featuring the best baseball fonts you can use to make all kinds of sports-themed designs, including baseball jerseys, baseball caps, sports team logo designs, product labels, and everything in between.

We included both premium and free baseball fonts in the collection. Be sure to give them all a try.

This font has the same iconic design of some of the most popular baseball team logos. That makes it the perfect choice for crafting baseball-themed designs for die-hard fans. You can use it to design logos for teams, badges for baseball caps, labels for sports-themed products, and so much more.

Boston is a stylish baseball script font that features a beautifully flowing letter design. It’s ideal for baseball T-shirts, caps, and various other merchandise designs. The font comes in 3 different extrude styles and it includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Rooters is a vintage baseball font you can use to craft baseball logos and badges with a classic look and feel. This font is inspired by tattoo lettering designs so it brings a whole lot of value when it comes to crafting logos for different types of brands.

This font comes with a classic baseball script lettering design to help make your baseball caps and T-shirts look much more fun and creative. It’s the ideal font for designing baseball designs for baseball junior league teams, especially for logo designs.

If you want to craft a modern logo for a baseball team, this font is the perfect place to start your project. It features a clean sans-serif letter design that offers a different take on traditional baseball designs. The font comes in 4 different styles, including shadow and outline versions.

This is a free baseball font you can use to craft modern logos and badges for your sports designs. The font comes with a classic design that looks great for T-shirts and baseball caps as well. The font is free to use with personal projects.

You can use this font to craft stylish baseball-themed designs such as posters, flyers, and even custom T-shirts. It features a modern script cursive letter design with swashes and ligatures. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Athletico mixes the best of classic baseball and modern cursive lettering designs to create unique baseball font unlike any other. The cool look of this font makes it great for not just baseball designs but for other sports-themed designs as well. The font comes in a sans serif version too.

At first glance, this font has the perfect design for making baseball jerseys. It has a classic script lettering design that will fit in well with sports logos, badges, and product packaging designs as well. The font also includes lots of ligatures and stylistic alternate characters.

With this baseball font, you can craft a vintage baseball logo or badge to take your fans back to the golden era of baseball. It features a bold script letter design with beautiful flowing letters. It has both uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

If you’re working on a logo design or a badge design for a baseball team, this font is a great choice to supercharge your design. It comes with a unique style of design mixed with modern handwritten letters. The font includes loads of alternate characters to help you make craft unique logos for your sports team.

The vintage and bold letter design of this font make it one of the best typefaces you can use to craft badges for baseball-themed merchandise. The font has uppercase and lowercase characters as well as ligatures and alternates. It’s perfect for retro-style sports designs.

Baseliner font comes with a stylish letter design for crafting all kinds of baseball and sports-themed designs. The font has a handwriting-style look for adding a personal touch to your logos as well. It’s free for personal use.

This font is also free to download. You can use it for free with your personal projects. The font comes with a modern script lettering design for crafting baseball team logos, badges, and more.

Devilion is a modern script font that comes with a letter design with the perfect look for crafting classic baseball logos. It features rough-textured letters, including uppercase and lowercase characters. The font also offers lots of ligatures and alternate characters for experimenting with different designs.

A baseball cursive font with one of the most beautiful letter designs we’ve seen. This font is perfect for modern baseball-themed designs, especially for T-shirts, badges, and team logos. The font comes with lots of alternates, stylistic sets, and multilingual support too.

Haglos comes with a classic script lettering design for crafting old-school baseball logo designs. It’s also perfect for designing typography for custom T-shirts, badges for baseball caps, and label designs for sports-themed products. The font includes ligatures and stylistic characters as well.

This baseball font is a great choice for designing logos for baseball teams. It has a retro-themed cursive letter design that also comes with an alternate character set. You can mix letters with the alternate set and swashes to create unique logos for your team.

If you’re looking for a vintage font to make a classic baseball-themed design, look no further. This font features the perfect look for crafting all kinds of baseball and sports designs. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters with 4 different sets of alternate characters.

Be sure to download this free font to use with your personal projects. It comes with a set of script letters with a retro look and feel for giving a classic look to your sports logo and badge designs.

Benchmark is another free baseball font that has clean serif letters. This font is great for bold titles, badges, logos, and so much more. You can use the font for free with all your personal projects.

With this baseball font, you can craft sports designs with a unique and modern take. It comes with a cool-looking script letter design that will make your baseball team logos, badges, and T-shirt designs look more attractive than ever. The font includes more than 370 glyphs and lots of swashes.

Make baseball jerseys and T-shirts that stand out from the crowd with this classic baseball font. It features a beautiful script cursive letter design mixed with lots of swashes, alternates, and ligatures. The bundle includes a matching serif font as well.

Suthen is a creative baseball font you can use to design logos and badges for your sports team. It has a classic retro bold script character design with uppercase and lowercase letters. The font is available in a web font version too.

A modern bold script font for making creative baseball logo designs. This font has a unique look that will fit in nicely with your baseball jersey and T-shirt designs. It’s inspired by retro typography designs from the 60s and 80s.

Looking for more? Then continue exploring for more great fonts with our best sports fonts collection.

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